The spirit of 60,000 years of Blue Sky Dreaming, set to move hearts and minds at the Australian Pavilion

The Dubai Expo 2020 starts in October and runs until April 2021.  192 countries from across the world from the developed to the developing nations are taking part and it is expected to attract over 25 million visitors from across the world.

To put the visitor numbers in perspective, that is roughly the entire population of Australia.

The timing of the event is crucial given the global impact of Corona Virus.

In an Australian context, this is also a powerful platform for our Australian spirit to shine, particularly in light of the impact the bushfires have had on our image internationally.

During a DFAT round table briefing in Melbourne yesterday, Commissioner General Australia for Expo 2020 Justin McGowan spoke with AACCI National Secretariat Jessica Swann about the importance of Australia’s participation in driving the message to the world that we are #OpenForBusiness

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