Saudi Visa

Saudi Visa documentation stamping procedure

We provide a comprehensive and low cost Visa documentation stamping service particularly for Saudi Arabia. This means your company can take full advantage of the long standing relationship we have with the Saudi Arabia Embassy by using AACCI stamping services and resolving any issues in a timely and prompt manner. Our services to members and non-members are unparalleled as our mission statement is based around you and how we can help you.

Some of the additional advantages that are available with membership include:
1. Lower cost of stamping visa documents.
2. Convenience of location – We are co-located nationally with Seaway and no appointment is necessary.
3. Assistance with engagement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Embassy.
4. Assurance of commercial confidentiality – in parallel with our compliance policies and procedures you can be confident that the information you provide us with is retained confidentially and this is consistently applied regardless of membership status.

Please note that AACCI does not provide a specific visa advisory service and under no circumstances will specific information relating to an individual visa applicant be provided

How to Apply for KSA Business or Work Visa

For more information, please contact: 
T: 03 9027 5621 or E: