Doing Business with the MENA Region and Ramadan Practices During COVID-19

Shiekh Alaa El Zokm, Imam at Elsedeaq Heidleberg Mosque, Imam at Australian National Imams
Council and Board of Imams Victoria, Prof. Talal Yassine OAM, Managing Director, Crescent
Wealth and Dr Fiona Hill, Cultural Strategist and Owner Almanar Consultancy join us for a Q&A about
building cultural awareness of doing business with the MENA region and Ramadan practices
during COVID-19.

It is no surprise that one of AACCI’s strategic objectives is building Cultural Understanding. To this extent
we initiate, promote and participate in events with the diverse Arab communities both in Australia and
across the region.

Considering the many changes impacting our lives and the world this year, AACCI is initiating this webinar
with focus on: How and if the new communication rules underpinned by online technology and not person to person
interaction, impact the all-important in the Arab world hospitality during Ramadan and business relationship building?

The webinar will include a Q & A opportunity.

The Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AACCI) is proud to present a webinar series, which will discuss and provide a range of perspectives in support of business viability and growth in these challenging times.
Now, more than ever, your business needs insights and information to navigate the challenges and opportunities
that are being faced in light of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus.