SA Chapter

The South Australian Chapter of AACCI was established in 1982 with initial membership based primarily on an active group of agricultural commodity and equipment exporters. Since then the Chapter has secured a much more industry-diversified membership. Today, exporters and businesses throughout South Australia have teamed with the Chapter to make it an indispensable partner for engaging with the Arab world. In South Australia there are several companies for whom the Middle East is a very major export destination and even when ranked within their Australian industry sector they are significant exporters. 

Bob Shephard – Executive Officer, South Australia

The Chapter is now managed by the Executive Officer, Bob Shepard who has worked and/or lived in most countries in the Middle East.  His prime functions are to manage functions, administer the AACCI office, co-ordinate the Certification of export documents, help reduce any risk which might be associated with the export of goods or services and value-add to the needs of existing and new members.

In South Australia, the Chapter relies on strategies and policies created by the Management Committee which meets monthly and is often playing an advocacy role on behalf of members.