AACCI Export Certification Authorisation

The Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been authorised to issue documentary evidence of origin by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI). ACCI was appointed by the Australian Government, which derives its authority from the provisions of a series of international conventions to issue "non-preferential" documentary evidence of origin for goods originated in and exported from Australia.

AACCI provides efficient and accurate export document certification services to Australian exporters. AACCI maintains the status of mutual recognition with receiving countries in the Arab World, which means that AACCI stamp is recognised by the 22 Arab League countries.

AACCI's rigorous systems and procedures are designed to ensure safety and security for Arab importers and Australian exporters. We understand explicitly the actual requirements for export document certification and willingly assist our members to determine the type of certificate of origin required.

As an authorised agent, AACCI's obligations are to issue and sign documentary evidence of origin, which includes:      

Certificate of Australian Origin

Certified Declaration of Origin

Document Stamping Prices  


Exporter Registration Form

To assist in verification of Australian origin and processing application for documentary evidence of origin efficiently, AACCI is required to maintain a current list of all exporters. All exporters are required to complete the Exporter's Registration Form.

Exporter's Registration Form


Commercial and General Documents Stamping Policy

When documents are presented as a set with a Certificate of Australian Origin (COO), they often include a Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Product Certificates, where the COO includes an indemnity clause and an authorised signature. However, if any of these documents are presented individually, a separate Indemnity Declaration is required.

In addition to the COO or CDO, AACCI also certifies other commercial and business documents in support of AACCI members and client's international business. These documents may be required by the customs or commercial authorities as well as importing clients in the foreign countries, and may include

- Trade agreements

- Contracts

- Business Licences

- Pharmaceutical, Product, Quality certificates, etc.

Please Note:

- AACCI does not issue or stamp Free Sale Certificates or Letters

- AACCI will ONLY certify documents issued in Australia and by Australian authorities and companies.

Commercial Documents Stamping Policy


Requirements for Providing the Origin of Goods Evidence

Many customs measures relating to goods being imported into a country, in particular those relating to tariffs and public health, depend for their administration on the origin of the goods. In addition, in some countries, goods of a particular origin are, for some political reasons, prohibited imports. When importing goods, it is often necessary therefore to produce evidence of the origin of goods. The importer usually requests the certificate of origin to be supplied by the exporter with other standard commercial documents.

To fail to provide properly completed documentary evidence can result in higher than necessary duties being paid or in some cases in goods being refused entry to a country. As with the purpose for requiring documentary evidence of origin, the type of evidence accepted and the procedures to be followed in issuing it, may vary from country to country.

Most countries will accept Certificate of Origin or Certified Declaration of Origin as forms of documentary evidence alone. However, some countries require documents to also be legalised by a government department or by an Embassy or a Consulate of that country.

It is the exporter's obligation to check the specific requirements of the importing country.


AACCI offers export certification services at 10 locations across 5 States: Melbourne CBD, Melbourne Airport, Sydney CBD, Sydney Airport, Brisbane CBD, Adelaide CBD, Adelaide portside, Perth Airport, Perth Portside and Canberra. We stay connected with the needs of our members and freely coordinate additional stamping services around religious and cultural festivals (Click here for stamping locations).