Document Certification

AACCI has the authority to issue Certificates of Origin, and can assist with the certification of other commercial export documents such as, invoices, health and other government issued certificates, Halal certificates, Letters of Free Sale, Letters of Support for Saudi Arabia visa applications.

Exporters must have commercial export documents certified before they can be legalized by an Australian based Arab diplomatic mission.

Export documents can be certified electronically via Ozdocs or eCert or manually by post or in person at one of our state chapters or documentation processing centers.

We offer our members significant discounts on all forms of certification. For further information on AACCI’s documentation services please contact one of our Executive Officers at a State Chapter near you.

AACCI in partnership with eCertify Pty Ltd and OzDocs International Pty Ltd is pleased to provide its clients, members and non members, the following options for document certification.